40 Weeks


  • This poster is for pregnant women and their families. It illustrates the changes that could happen during the 40 weeks of preganancy, starting from conception to delivery, including the body changes happening to mothers, and the fetus development in mothers' belly.

  • The main part of the work is the circles in the center, which is a metaphor of the growth of the egg. The whole process has been divided into 10 months, and 3 trimesters as well. Due to the difference between every single woman, I used a radiance of color to represent the frequency level of the body change, which contains Body Ache, Urinary and Leaking Frequency, Morning Sickness, etc.. In the middle, there are ten contours of the pregnant woman's body change, comparing to the regular one, month by month.

  • On the bottom, there is a fetus development which should be an interesting part for most of the mothers. There are images to show the growth of the fetus every month, and explanations under them, with the most important changes marked as red.

  • Additionally, there are also some tips to help the mothers to release their pains, and have a good relationship with their partners.