Informatics for Integrating

Biology & The Bedside

I2B2 was a platform for researchers and clinicians in Cincinnati Children's Hospital to review patients' information for their research. This project was to redesign the Informatic Tool and Platform, to improve the searching flow and browsing experience. 

My Role

In this project, I participated in the structure and workflow design of Query Tool in the early phase, and individually designed the Patient List through wireframing, refinement and final visualization.


Personas and Scenarios

We came up with three personas and scenarios based on our research, including literature review, user interview, and case study. These three personas covered the main user types of this platform. The three user flows helped us to build functionally feasible using experience in the later phases.


Workflow and Wireframe

These workflows were created to explore the efficient and technically feasible searching methods. The platform contained a great amount of data which require made it difficult for searching and information presenting, so we spent a lot of time and created various layout and user flow to explore the best way of using the platform.

Low Fidelity Prototype and Usability Test

These low fidelity mockups were designed for usability test. We did paper prototype usability test with eight gourps of focus users and got their feedbacks for further improvement.


Customizable Table

Information listed in the table were divided into two categories -- demographics and encouters. Most information were hidden, while users can choose to add some information types in the table, and the table would be customized when user logged into their accounts later.


Information could be sorted by demographics or encounters, and related information would be associated by color coding or gathering together.

Sorting Information


Queries Comparison

Users had the needs of running multiple queries to compare the results. In this case, different queries would be color coded and marked in the table.