STRIKE! is an innovated outdoor bowling game which could be played by several individuals at the same time. It is different from the traditional game, which is more professional. This game is more casual and more fun.


Instead of rolling the ball to the pins directly, this game is a competition between two teams, one is to prevent the ball from hitting the pin, while the other one is to reguide the ball to the pin. A relatively large outdoor incline is a perfect place for starting the game, and the gravity will keep the ball rolling down from the higher point to the pin set at a lower level. In this game, up to 16 people could play together, and they could not only interact with the ball, but also the lane building.


In this project, I did field trips, interviews, interaction analysis, and ideations at the beginning. After that, I did experiments to test the possibilities of the game, and developed the design and made a prototype for the final presentation.