Keep Moving! 


In the background of EXPO 2010, cooperating with design students from Denmark, we aimed to design an interactive cycling experience in the EXPO park. The goal of this project is to promote the bicycle as a natural way of life and increase the popularity of cycling.


This concept creates a new dimension to cycle, as it turns the wheels into a means of communication. Inspired by the stamps, by removing the regular pattern on the wheel and replacing them with message, we created a medium to facilitate interaction between the visitors at EXPO. The users would be able to print a poem on the ground after riding the bikes through puddles. The bikes would convey their message to the visitors passing by, and thereby to the world. The poem on the tire is written by a Danish author, Jorgen Leth (1937-).


In this project, I experienced the process of riding a bike in a park, and did oberservation on the others. I found design opportunities and did ideation with the team members. We did experiments together to find a way fo enriching the interaction, and finally made a full-size prototype for the final presentation.