My Role

I worked with another UI Designer on this project. Since the clients was looking for a demo of embedable app, we didn't spend much time on research. I quickly revised the workflow and wireframe to simplify the using experience and make the layout easier for user to understand.

Tap. In2

Food Ordering System

Tap.In2 came to Leapwise Media, asked us to redesign the food ordering app for them. This is an app used in venue for users to order food to their seats during a game. Tap.In2 pitched to Cleveland Cavaliers and other NBA teams, would like this app to be embeded into their own apps.


Large images and big buttons help to increase the action accuracy of food ordering during a game, and make the process straightforward. Some interactions were created to smoothen the transition between screens. 

Wireframe and Interaction

White Labled Visualization

In order to be adjusted to different team's color scheme, the high fidelity visualization were white labled. The primary and secondary color of a team would be used as primary and secondary color of this app accordingly. The demo was using Cleveland Cavaliers's theme color.